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Island life has taught us a few things.

We learned that it’s best to travel light. Everything you own, especially what you wear should work for you, not the other way around. We have learned that looking your best means being at ease. Ease means feeling comfortable, wrapped in luxurious fabrications that are complementary to your environment. Ultimately your best foot should always be forward. Classic styles cleverly refined means they do not stand out at first glance, begging for attention.

For some of us it is home, and for others it is our favorite place to visit. Harbour  Island is two miles off the Northeast coast of Eleuthera, just a half mile wide and 3.5 miles long. Colloquially abbreviated as Briland, it’s primarily renowned for its pink sand beach and supremely defensible port. But for us it’s about the relationships with friends and family that inhabit this magical place. Inspired by this legacy of good living, Bryland style reflects the island’s sensibility of casual elegance and comfortable luxury. Sourcing materials from around the World, Bryland is classic resort wear that never goes out of fashion.