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Five Reasons Why We Love the Cabana Towel


Five reasons why we love the Cabana Towel

Our next weekend escape is coming and, as always, we have a checklist for packing. Clothing, bathroom kit, snacks for the road, exquisite goodies, a pair of sunglasses. Never far from the top of the list is our Cabana towel.

At Bryland, every product we make has its reasoning, its function that sees beyond the usual. That's why we made more than a towel and built this incredible companion to carry with whenever we venture near the water, be it beach or poolside. We've had so much great feedback on this item that we decided to compile "five reasons why we love it so much."

1- It's made from 100% Turkish cotton

Turkey is known for its cotton terrycloth. You might feel a twinge of selfishness when your soaking wet friend asks to borrow it, but fear not! Cotton has been known for its regenerative qualities for ages. And there's plenty to go around.

2- It's big enough to double as a blanket.

Generously sized at 74"L x 40"W, it's perfect to cover a beach chair and big enough to give you plenty of space to stretch out (or share!).


 Bryland's Cabana Towel - Five reason to love it

3- It has four pockets!

Not one, not three. Four! Each of them is placed strategically on the corners. You can stow your personal items on the go or use them as anchors when it's laid out flat.

4- Luxurious plushness and superior absorbency

Did we mention its softness? It's luxurious plushness makes you feel like you're basking on a cloud. But its plushness has a second benefit: it can absorb way more water that other towels (550 grams per sq. meter).

5-  Its classic style.

From its white and navy colors to the Cabana stripes, this towel becomes part of your whole outfit. It's so timeless, it's a sure add to any island ensemble.

Bryland's Cabana Towel - Five reason to love it



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